Website Review

Have you ever been using a website only to find a link that doesn’t work? It’s frustrating, and you usually go somewhere else to find what you’re looking for.

Have you ever been using a website and had a laugh because someone misspelled a word or had an incomplete sentence? Or, worse, have you thought, “They don’t care enough about their website content to check it, so they probably won’t care about me as a customer either”?

Don’t let these things happen with your site! I can help you make sure your customers are not frustrated from broken links, amused for the wrong reasons, or turned away to competitors because of errors on your site. As your website reviewer, I’ll review the functionality of your site as well as providing either proofreading or copyediting services, as you desire. (See those services pages for further information about what they entail.) I’ll ensure all of your links work correctly and lead to the intended location. I’ll review your content for easily-overlooked errors and can even review for sentence structure and word choice, if you desire copyediting. Let me catch these errors before your customers do!

I’ll make sure your website functions as designed and that your content is free from mistakes. Your customers will be able to stay engaged with your website without distraction or frustration. Contact me today using the link below so we can get started making sure your website is in great shape.

Rate: $40/hour

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