Crystal Nevin copyediting and proofreading

Do you have recurring projects, such as a weekly blog or a daily e-mail, and want to make sure they’re polished before your audience gets them? I’m happy to help!

I offer weekly or monthly fixed-rate packages where I can either copyedit or proofread your recurring projects. (See those service pages for further information about what they entail.) With a fixed-rate package, you don’t have to worry about word count or trying to budget for a variable amount. And with a dedicated reviewer like myself, you don’t have to worry about getting someone new up to speed every time; your audience will see your writing in a consistent voice. With good collaboration at the beginning, I’ll adjust to your preferred style quickly, and the reviews will become quick and painless. Contact me today using the link below so we can get started making sure your audience is seeing a polished, professional product.

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