Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique involves reviewing your writing and offering constructive suggestions on big-picture areas where you can improve. You will receive a critique letter that outlines three to five broad matters and includes concrete suggestions on how to go about identifying them and improving them through rewrites. It also includes one half-hour phone call where you can ask questions to clarify the comments in the critique letter or we can brainstorm ways to go about implementing changes.

Unlike a developmental edit, a manuscript critique does not include detailed guidance throughout the manuscript itself. As such, it’s a cheaper option for authors who aren’t sure if editing is worth the cost or who are on a budget.

Option 1: $195 for the first 7,500 words. This option lets you try out the critique and editing process and decide how you want to proceed. Should you want to proceed with a full manuscript critique or developmental edit, your $195 will be credited toward the cost of the larger project.

Option 2: $0.015/word or $40/hour for an entire manuscript.
For a 70,000-word manuscript, this is $1,050.