English as a Second Language Editing

Is English your second language, and you want to make sure your English document sounds natural to an American? I can help.

Having a native English speaker review your document is recommended to make sure the language isn’t distracting to other native English speakers. It helps ensure the reader is getting the message you intended deliver because it’s clear and doesn’t “sound” as though it’s been written by someone who speaks English as a second language. As your ESL editor, I’ll review your writing for the usual copyediting issues such as clarity, accuracy, consistency, grammar, and punctuation, while also ensuring the writing flows in a way that sounds natural to Americans.

Although small mistakes can seem unimportant, they can distract English-speaking readers. You want your readers to remain engaged throughout your story or message rather than being distracted by something small like the use of an unnatural preposition. I enjoy helping to make English as a Second Language documents sound like everyday language to Americans. Contact me today using the link below so we can get started.

Rates: $0.020-$0.045/word