Crystal Nevin

Developmental Editing

With developmental editing, you and I will focus on the big aspects of your manuscript. Some examples of what we could focus on are the overall plot, character development, too much/too little back story, appropriate level of details for setting, too much showing and not enough telling, adhering to reader expectations for the genre, and so on.

Developmental editing is a collaborative process between you and me where we focus on the largest 3-5 concrete issues at a time. You’ll get specific ideas, recommendations, and guidance for how to move your writing to the next level. There are several ways we can go about this process, as described below. If you’re ready to get started or looking for something different, contact me, and together we’ll figure out the best option for you.

Manuscript Critique

If you’re a new writer or have a smaller budget, a manuscript critique is a good place to start. You’ll get a detailed letter from me that outlines the largest 3-5 areas where you can improve, an explanation of why they should be improved, and concrete suggestions and recommendations on how to implement changes. Additionally, most manuscript issues are evident from the first few chapters, so a partial manuscript critique is also available.
Rate: $0.015 per word

For a 70,000-word manuscript, this is $1,050.

Developmental Edit

If you need more hands-on guidance, a developmental edit goes a step deeper. In addition to the letter that you get as part of the manuscript critique, you also get comments on the manuscript itself. These comments will very specifically point out locations in the manuscript where you can improve, explain why they should be improved, and recommendations or examples or how you could change the text.
Rate: $0.025-$0.035 per word
For a 70,000-word manuscript, this is $1,750-$2,450.

Big Picture Package
(a 10% discount!)

If you’re looking for a thorough developmental edit process, then the full big picture package is for you. We’ll start with the manuscript critique so you can address some of the easier things before we get into areas where you might need more guidance. Additionally, you’ll get a one-hour coaching call with me where we can brainstorm or clarify recommendations—whatever you need. After you complete your next draft, you’ll get a developmental edit and another one-hour coaching call with me to discuss whatever you need.

Rate: $0.036-$0.045 per word

For a 70,000-word manuscript, this is $2,520-$3,150.