Developmental Edit

A developmental edit is an in-depth review of your manuscript for overarching issues with the manuscript, such as problems with plot or subplot, character development, giving too much or too little background information, too much exposition, and so on. It also involves reviewing whether your dialogue is realistic and your pacing is appropriate. Finally, it involves making sure you’re adhering to the expectations readers have for your genre. Overall, when I’m performing a developmental edit, I’m making sure there’s an engaging experience for the readers.

At the end of your developmental edit, you will receive a letter offering a broad overview of three to five areas where you can improve. Within the manuscript, I will comment throughout the manuscript to point out concrete areas where you can make improvements through rewrites and offer suggestions on how to go about changing it. These suggestions are meant to help kickstart your own creativity so that you can make changes your own way.

A developmental edit is very much a coaching or collaborative process. I work with you to help you improve not just this book, but your craft.

Rate: $0.025-$0.035/word or $50/hour
For a 70,000-word manuscript, this is $1,750-$2,450.