Have you ever been reading something and thought, “Boy, this writer sure uses that word a lot”? The writer must not have used a copyeditor!

Having your writing copyedited improves its readability. It helps ensure the reader is getting the message you intended to deliver because it’s clear and accurate and is free from distracting things such as repetitive words, changing verb tenses, or incorrect homophones. As your copyeditor, I’ll review your writing to ensure clarity, accuracy, consistency, and yes, diction. I’ll look for proper sentence structure and conciseness as well as correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting. I’ll also make sure your writing flows well for readability. I’ll help you make your writing be what you really intended it to be.

Although small mistakes can seem unimportant, they can distract readers in a big way. You want your readers to remain engaged throughout the material and remember you for your story or message, not for your mistakes. I will bring a fresh perspective to your writing and be able to see things that you overlook. Contact me today using the link below so we can get started.

Rates: $0.015-$0.035/word

During our cooperation, Crystal looked over and over again all the matters in a very detailed way. The work process was a great pleasure for me. We were in regular contact, she asked my opinion for every important change and paid attention to all my notes. I saved a lot of time due to her professional approach.​

Rovshan Abdullaoglu