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Recommendations and specific advice to strengthen your manuscript.


Guidance on big-picture issues in your manuscript.


Suggestions for wording, sentence structure, and other mid-level concerns.


Detailed review of grammar and punctuation errors.


Revision of your writing so that it sounds natural for English-speaking readers.

My goal is to help transform books into remarkable reading experiences. Though authors and publishers are my clients, my job is to advocate for the readers. I help writers improve their writing by performing high quality editing and proofreading services. I collaborate with authors to ensure that their final product is polished, professional, and engaging.

I enjoy helping writers make their manuscripts become what they truly intended to present to the world—strong writing that is free from pesky, distracting errors and that readers can’t wait to talk about and share with their friends. I work with authors to help them put their best writing into the world.

I highly recommend Crystal Nevin as a professional editor. She was a pleasure to work with because of her clear, responsive communications and commitment to deadlines. I was very impressed by her skillful ability to pinpoint specific areas in my manuscript that needed changing, and then would come up with alternative writing suggestions that mimicked my style. Her comments and critiques push my writing skills to a higher level. She has become my go-to editor for all my future writing projects. I feel lucky to have found her.

Stan Herrmann

It’s perfect! You somehow manage to understand exactly what I’m thinking. Your services and the peace of mind you provide me with are worth every penny. Since I’ve started working with you, I’ve been calmer and happier.

Gal Harel
Hebrew-Spanish-English Translator

Crystal Nevin is a fantastic asset to fine-tuning my written communications. She effortlessly handles all the fine details that I've overlooked from endless hours of rewrites and production issues. She's on time and reliable, and she communicates all the ideas very effectively.

Nicole Livermore
Digital Marketer

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