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You want your manuscript to be a remarkable reading experience. When you work with me, you get someone who will help coach you and guide you to improve your writing but also someone who is advocating for your audience, the readers. You’ll have someone on your side helping to strengthen your story and eliminate distracting errors. You will get a final product that is engaging and polished, one that you’re proud and excited to have others read. Ready to get started?

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You have a draft of your book, you know it needs work, but the editing process seems daunting. You and I will work together through the entire editing process to mold your manuscript into a story ready to take off.

I highly recommend Crystal Nevin as a professional editor. She was a pleasure to work with because of her clear, responsive communications and commitment to deadlines. I was very impressed by her skillful ability to pinpoint specific areas in my manuscript that needed changing, and then would come up with alternative writing suggestions that mimicked my style. Her comments and critiques push my writing skills to a higher level. She has become my go-to editor for all my future writing projects. I feel lucky to have found her.

Stan Herrmann

It’s perfect! You somehow manage to understand exactly what I’m thinking. Your services and the peace of mind you provide me with are worth every penny. Since I’ve started working with you, I’ve been calmer and happier.

Gal Harel
Hebrew-Spanish-English Translator

Crystal Nevin is great to work with. This is my second time working with Crystal, and I highly recommend her. Crystal’s command of The Chicago Manual of Style and attention to detail have helped both my novels shine. Crystal conducted her own research to ensure accuracy, and she provided tips that have helped improve my novels and writing. Crystal’s professionalism, timeliness, and clear communication style make it a pleasure to work with her. As an Indie-Author/Publisher, I highly recommend Crystal, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Alexander Mukte
Author of The Recruiter, winner of the 2021 American Fiction Award in the African-American Fiction category, and Deeply Rooted Dreams, Books One and Two of the Rewired Series.