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Review of your writing for wording, sentence structure, and accuracy.


Review of your writing for easily overlooked errors.

esl editing

Review of your writing to make it sound natural for English-speaking readers.

Why me?

I help writers to polish their writing by performing high-quality copyediting and proofreading services and by dependably meeting deadlines so that their final product looks polished and professional and is delivered on time.

I am on a mission to rescue writers from turning readers away due to distracting errors because, to me, it’s a shame to miss a good story or good information just because of silly errors. Plus, I really enjoy helping people make their writing become what they truly intended to present to the world.

We all overlook errors in our own writing because we know what we meant to write. Let me put your mind at ease and help you put your best writing forward.

It’s perfect! You somehow manage to understand exactly what I’m thinking. Your services and the peace of mind you provide me with are worth every penny. Since I’ve started working with you, I’ve been calmer and happier.

Gal Harel